Corporate Program

In the highly competitive corporate environment, the employees need more focus, concentration & energy In order to cope with highly stressful situations, the employees need the flair to be calm and relaxed, yet highly effective.

Classical Hatha Yoga Practices is designed to move an individual’s experience of life towards their full potential. The tools offered create the necessary chemistry in the system so that one is naturally joyful, healthy and high on energy.The meditations conducted are to support individuals arrive at a state of calmness within themselves.

By incorporating these methods, the intuitive qualities are heightened and one’s ability to handle complex tasks and unnerving situations, come with a lot more ease.

These methods encourage in breaking down interpersonal barriers, resulting in a more cohesive work environment. When team members are exposed to this inner growth, notable differences can be observed where individuals become joyous, stress-free, creative and self-motivated.


Various research has shown the multiple benefits of yoga and meditation for the employee including:

 Improved memory, focus and concentration
 Stronger muscles and increased flexibility
 Improved overall health and reduced risk for diseases,           including cancer

Increased energy and decreased fatigue
Reduced stress, anxiety & depression
 Improved posture

In the long term, a corporate wellness program additionally translates into direct results for the company:

Decrease in productivity losses due to employees health           problems or injuries
Enhanced recruitment and retention of healthy employees
Improved job performance and greater productivity

Improved employee relations leading to a more                   supportive  and harmonious workplace
Reduced cost of employees’ health benefits
Higher job satisfaction

Children’s Program

Given the present surge in attention deficiency disorders and the general exposure to the fast changing environment around them, it is important that the children are enabled with the necessary techniques to manage themselves more effectively and conduct themselves with more awareness.

The Children’s Program offered helps build memory, concentration, better health, more vibrancy, joyful life. This allows each child to develop and live in optimal health and inner peace.These simple set of practices are taught to children 7 to 13years of age.The practices taught helps our students navigate through daily challenges with more ease.


  Better neuro-muscular coordination.
  Improves balance & coordination
  Calms anxiety & relieves stress
 Promotes Mindfulness
  Higher immunity against chronic                                                         conditions of cold, cough, sinus etc

  Enhances physical strength & flexibility
 Enhanced concentration and focus
 Boosts confidence & self-esteem
  Encourages a healthy lifestyle
  Improved Memory

Pregnancy  Programs- Pre & Postnatal

Pregnancy and Mothering are some of the most challenging and fulfilling times in a woman’s life. Appropriate yoga practice can help us stay healthy, happy and calm, both as we prepare for and recover from our baby’s arrival.

This gentle pregnancy routine provides safe ways to strengthen the body, as well as effective tools for reducing stress. Using breath and gentle physical movement, yoga is one of the most effective tools for training the body and calming the mind.

The postures will particularly focus on strengthening muscles to alleviate any tenderness/soreness as well as strengthening your lumbar/spinal region to help your body prepare for and handle the various stages of your pregnancy.

Keep your body healthy during pregnancy and celebrate the joyous period:

  Learn gentle Yoga postures to ease common discomforts of pregnancy
  Reach deeper levels of relaxation through uniqu breathing techniques
  Beneficial for women at all stages of the pregnancy

Therapeutic Practices

Yoga is a tool to find ultimate expression to life. Every human being must explore and know this. Yoga is well known to provide therapeutic benefits from chronic ailments. The specialised programs are designed so they may offer relief from various chronic ailments, allowing a person to pursue a more fulfilling life. These modules have been designed by Sadhguru himself and are highly effective.

Some of the modules are:

Programs for children
 Cardiac strengthening


  Hormonal imbalance
  Skin diseases
  Cervical and Lumbar               problems

  Mental imbalance
  Menstrual problems
  Gastrointestinal problems


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