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“True Health Fundamentally Means to Be In Tune With Nature, Both Inner and Outer”

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The Main Reasons to Practice Yoga:


Increase energy levels, mind and body rejuvenation and enhance sleep quality.


Purification of the entire human system on the physiological, mental, emotional and energetic level.


Reach peak physical fitness with a healthy body and mind. Improve strength, flexibility and vitality.


Improve balance and overall wellbeing by aligning your system to the source of creation.


Connect to inner stillness and explore higher dimensions of life.

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What Our Clients Say

Namaskaram, I have been doing yogasanas for the last few months. They have improved my flexibility considerably. I  have also become calmer than I was before and I feel very light in the body. Before I started the practice I had some issues with my spine, they seem to be sorted right now. I am also able to sit for longer durations when I am studying without feeling much tired now.

Neeraj BeniwalStudent
"Practicing Angmardana has given me tremendous benefits like flexibility in the body, especially spine. Now I do not have to sit with a bent back. It won't let you sit like that. Spine is so strengthened that it will feel more comfortable while erect.
I used to have pain in inner sides of my feet if I do some workout or any activity which puts pressure on feet. Even it was tough to complete the Angmardana class, but now the pain is not completely but almost gone.I've never thought that bending body in different ways can improve the cardio fitness, now I don't go out of breath even after taking stairs up to 6 floors. Mind is also calmer. Thanks to you Roohi."
Anuj SharmaManager IT

I had a truly wonderful experience learning Surya Kriya from Roohi. The instructions were precise, clear and highly descriptive. Not only was the practice made clear about the physical steps but also the breathing in each step, which I thought was so important. This brought alive the spiritual part of the practice, beyond the physical which is what I had always associated it with. I have now been practising for 6 months, and it's a habit that I wouldn't like to break. Post-practice, I feel light, active and energetic, ready to start my long day. Thanks to Isha

Nivedita SinghFreelancer

Our Teachers

Our journey to self-discovery, the earnest longing to experience life in its full depth and desire to live life to its ultimate potential lead us to yoga.

Having undergone an intensive 21week/1750+ hours teachers training program at the Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu, India) under the  grace and guidance of a living master – Sadhguru, we feel privileged to offer the powerful tools so that many others may benefit from it just as we have.

These methods and practices are rooted in the purest form of Classical Yoga and work on all levels of the human system – mind, body, emotions and energy.

The practice of Hatha yoga has brought about immense growth in our lives and as it continues to do so, we feel a deep sense of fulfillment to transmit the valuable knowledge & methods in its purest form. These fine tools.


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